Million Dollar Baby by Clint Eastwood: Follow Your Dreams

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  • Published : November 28, 2005
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Follow Your Dreams
In Clint Eastwood's film, Million Dollar Baby, there are many controversial aspects and lessons to be learned within the story's themes. Eastwood's film challenges conventions and breaks through the ideological. The main themes in the movie teach valuable life lessons through the main character's willingness to never give up on her dream. Also, the film goes against the layout of Propp's narrative functions and what might be the typical sequence of events in a movie. Conflict is essential to a drama movie and Million Dollar Baby fits that genre very well.

There are three main characters that are present throughout the film, who provide as a dynamic trio attempting to break the boundaries in women's boxing. Maggie Fitzgerald, played by Hilary Swank, is a gutsy woman who is attempting to break into the field of women's boxing. Her only fault is that she asks the one man who refuses to coach women, to be her trainer. Clint Eastwood's character, Frankie Dunn, struggles with the lack of a relationship he had with his own daughter and is unwilling to let himself get close to anyone else. However, when Maggie Fitzgerald steps into Dunn's gym, her motivation to plow through life's challenges sparks an interest in Dunn. Although Dunn won't take Maggie on right away, he eventually sees that she has more heart than most of the male boxers he already trains, and agrees to help her. It's because of Eddie ‘Scrap-Iron' Dupris, played by Morgan Freeman, that Dunn realizes Maggie's true talent. Scrap is a retired fighter who works for Dunn and is always watching out for those in the gym who aren't as tough as the best fighters. The narrator of the story, Scrap, tells the story in a reminiscent way like he's talking about the past and reflecting on the sad story of one girl's broken dream. He plays an important role in helping others by offering them wise advise on his own missed opportunities of the past. He knows what is the right thing to do,...
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