Miller's Tale: An Analysis

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  • Published : April 27, 2008
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Alison’s Analysis
In “The Millers Tale” Alison is the main character. She is only eighteen years old and marries a much older man named John who is a carpenter. Alison is a free spirited and beautiful young lady but she lacks morals. For example she cheats on her husband which proves my point. Her husband was very protective over her. She was young and beautiful and he didn’t want to lose her. He tried to keep her on a short leash. “This carpenter hadde wedded newe a wif which that he loved more than his lif. Of eighteteene yeer she was of age; Jalous he was, and heeld hire narwe in cage, for she was wilde and yong , and he was old, and deemed himself been lik a cokewold”(241). She is very promiscuous and somewhat immature. This statement is proved because she sticks her ass into someone’s face later in the story and she fools around with Nicholas. Chaucer tries to portray Alison as an innocent onlooker in this tale. He compares her to nature which is innocent-like(“The Miller’s Tale Essay). In the end of the story she is the only one who is not punished for what she has done. I totally disagree with this statement and point that Chaucer is trying to make. I actually think the complete opposite, and believe that Alison knows exactly what she is doing and is very conniving and sneaky.

Chaucer describes Alison as naïve and compares her to the wild and nature a great number of times. “She was ful more blisful on to see than is the newe perejonette tree and softer than the wolle is of a wether”(242). This quote explains how truly beautiful Alison just really is. Instead of using her beauty for good she uses it for the worse. She has no remorse or consideration for anyone else’s feelings except herself. The tale clarifies that she is in fact too young to be involved in any sort of relationship, especially a marriage. Chaucer is trying to vindicate her innocence by linking her to flowers and nature, which are innocent and beautiful(“The Millers Tale Essay”)....
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