Millennium Leaps: Principles of Management

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Tami Little
“Millennium Leaps”
Principles of Management

The development of a cheap source of energy that was virtually unlimited, yet small enough to fit in a pocket. This development to me, would not have an immediate impact, due to the adaption of the energy, how would it be received from the unit the appliance/car or item that it would charge or energize? Energy must be adaptable to the device that it is accommodating. Businesses however, would be able to eventually prepare the necessary items that would sufficiently accommodate the energy and it would have a huge long term impact on the energy resources that we have today. But for the short term, I think it would just cause frenzy amongst the people and the business world in trying to get the energy into use. The development of a “transporter,” similar to the one used on “Star Trek,” that could ship both goods and people across the street or around the world cheaply and instantaneously. This development would be huge amongst the entire world. It would make travel so much easier saving time and money. For the individual, they could see relatives at a moments notice and would not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of everyday travel. With fuel prices and plane ticket prices the way they are right now this would affect the people greatly. As for the business piece of this, I think business would have to refocus and offer something competitive in order to stay in business. The cost of shipping would decrease; the fees associated with travel would be at a minimum. Most travel oriented businesses would go out of business, drastically hurting the economy. On the flip side, terrorist would be able to pop into any nation and do their damage, just as murders and thieves, so this probably wouldn’t be a good invention for the people. The development of special memory chips that could be implanted in the human brain, designed to impart specific skills and...
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