Millennial Generation

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  • Published : January 8, 2012
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Using the five paragraph essay format, please present your perspective on the following topic. Provide examples to support your response. Include the proper APA citation(s) in your essay.

Topic: Organization, time management, and effective communication are key elements to online learning. Discuss how you can use each of these elements toward your professional career. -------------------------------------------------

Today’s young Airman comes from the Millennial Generation and believes they inherently understand three important skill sets; organization, time management and communication. In speaking with them, they all point back to their mastery of today’s technology and social media applications as the reason they believe these skill sets come so naturally to them. Leading, managing and training Airmen in today’s Air Force is not only complicated, it can be quite frustrating for those who did not grow up with the technology currently available. The millennial Airman not only grew up with a full range of technology, but considers it a requirement to daily life. Hartman and McCambridge (2011) citing references (Tyler, 2007) describe millennials as those individuals born between 1980 and 2002, characterized as technologically sophisticated multi-taskers, who are accustomed to working in teams and who rely on their parents for guidance as they struggle to make decisions independently. While technology and resulting social media sites can assist us in organizing, managing and communicating, there is no substitute for experience. -------------------------------------------------

The Air Force, like most companies, businesses and groups requires organization skills at every level. While military life is full of structure, leadership within internal groups cannot effectively manage without organizing the...
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