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‘Millennials’ by Syamil Johari (Sham)
Managing & Marketing
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Who are the ‘Millennials’?
‘Millennials’ are young and aspiring workers who care born in between the year 1970-2000, according to recent statistics. They are the last batch of human beings that was born in the 20th century and would be taking over the corporate world. They don’t stick to the status quo and always question their superiors. These workers grew up in technology savvy ere and are comfortable with that because nowadays everybody rely a lot on technology. Millennials are either experts in that or are one step ahead. Unlike corporate workers back then, who used to work in dull and boring cubicles, Millennials tend to prefer working in a workplace that has a flexible and free-flow environment where these people can balance their productivity in work and their life-style all together.

How do you define a ‘Millennial’?
‘Millennials’ are the future entrepreneurs that will lead the corporate world in a very different way. These ‘Millennials’ are more technology savvy than any other generation to date. They think differently than people back in the days, more flexible and critical. Millenials are creative people who needs to work with other Millenial bunches so that their productivity and their work flow would remain either constant or increase day by day. Millenials are not afraid to take risks and sometimes this is very successful in the corporate world. They also like to question others because they are curious and have the rights to ask They also do not stick to the status quo, they like to change things up a bit.

What are the characteristics of a ‘Millennial’?
‘Millennials’ are more confident than the generation back then; they are expressive, liberal, open to challenge and more upbeat. They are also very socially active in the cyber world; hence they are so much more technology savvy. Their main communication channel is the social network and they are very dependent...
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