Milk and Dairy Products

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Task 1
P1: Identify the components of a balanced diet
Carbohydrates are the best basis of energy for the body. They made from carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The main group of carbohydrate in foods are sugar, starches and cellulose. We can find Carbohydrate in rice, potatoes, bread, pasta and cereals. The Carbohydrate make people fat, and they are the most source of energy for body.

Fats are complex of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. We need fat for hormone metabolism, to have healthy skin and hair, it also helps to, repair the tissue .it helps to shape to your body. Sometimes it helps to protect the organs which are inside the body like kidneys. The main two types of fats are saturated and unsaturated. You can find saturated fat in animal products like, milk, cheese, meat with fat, cream....fat is the important source of calories and energy for body also it could be so dangerous for your health if you use it too much.fat provide healthier skin and helps the body to use vitamins like A, D E and K because these are fat soluble.

Proteins are built up longs chain of amino acids. We have got two types of amino acids essential and non-essential amino acids and both of them are necessary for body. We have got two types of protein, animal protein and plant protein. You can find the best source of protein in fish, meat and dairy produce, cereals, rice and eggs... Some of your hormones, organs and muscles are made up with protein, and the most responsibility for protein is delivering the oxygen to blood cells. Also protein is needed for growing and repairing tissue and replacement.

4-Vitamins and Minerals:
Vitamins and minerals are nutrients which your body require to grow and develop normally.Vitamins are very important for body they help enzyme to work properly, we have two different type of vitamins: water soluble (B vitamins and vitamin C) and fat soluble (A, D, E and K).body can’t make the vitamins so we need to get this from the food because it is necessary for body. We need vitamin A to have healthy eyes; this vitamin is necessary for body growth and repair. They are important to have healthy life, too little amount of vitamins cause health problems also too much of vitamins cause of some disease. Minerals: you can find minerals in earth and sea. they can be found in water, root plants and animals. Some of them are needed for body like iron, magnesium, zinc, aluminium, calcium,... For example we need iron to make homeoglobine, and calcium is required for healthy teeth and skin and bones. Amounts needed for most of minerals are very small and too much amounts can be toxic to your body.

The most important nutrient in your body is water, your body is mostly made up from water, more than half of your body weight is water, you can live for many days without food but you can’t be alive without water more than a few days.It transmits oxygen and nutrients into all your cells. Also helps control your body temperature. It also helps to your metabolism work properly. We need to drink six or eight glasses of water a day. If the urine is dark in colour, this means that you need to increase your fluid levels. Illness and fever also increase your water necessity, and water replacement is necessary part of much medical treatment

P2: Identify different dietary needs at each life stage
Infancy (0-3years)
The babies only need milk to get the nutrients and breast milk is the best food for them because it contains all nutrients the baby needs. Some mothers are not able to breastfeed so they can feed by cow’s milk but this must be sterilized to prevent infection. Before six months we just suggest rice, other cereal grains like oats, wheat, and barely can be given after six months. For the first few months of their life they get all of the nutrients he needed from their mother's milk. However, babies are growing very quickly, and at about 6 months of age breast milk could no longer...
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