Military: Security and Sensitive Items

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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In the military you are required, military member, to maintain your sensitive items. There are many reasons why you should maintain your sensitive items, one being operations security. You do not want the enemy of the United States to get a hold of these items and use them against you, your unit, or the people you protect. The second reason being personal safety, you do not want other people in or out the military to get a hold of your personal information and use it to abuse your name and credit. Another reason why you need to always maintain your sensitive items is accountability, at all times in the military you are accountable of your sensitive items you must maintain these items all times.

The reason why operational security is so important for you to maintain as a military member is because the safety of you, command, and the United States military . If the enemy is able to use your sensitive item to harm military members, civilians, buildings or equipment you if will be held accountable for that. The Importance Of Securing Sensitive Items include protective gear, maps, or a piece of paper designating patrol routes, recall rosters etc... The importance of securing sensitive items comes down to maintaining accountability for operation security, mission success and over all readiness. The habits of exercising security and accountability of a soldiers items allow the soldier and their team to operate to the highest state of readiness or have items be accessed by an opposing adversary creating loss of overall mission success. Operational security is a process that denied critical information to an adversary. If one were to obtain the information presented it could be used against friendly forces or friendly nations. Utilizing all assets to maintain and secure sensitive items and classified information promote proper operational security and soldier readiness. Not securing items of sensitive nature acquire the risk of loss by being intercepted by...
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