Military Revolutions and Revolution

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  • Published : September 10, 2011
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Military revolution and revolution of military affair
The world is continuing to experience changes that are affecting every generation of people in society without regard to race, religion, age, sex, political status or geographical location. These changes are certainly important chapters for our history books. For the most part I would say these changes are like evolution which has led to the diversification of all living organisms from a common ancestor, known as a scientific development discovered by the scientist Charles Darwin. Comparatively changes that occur in society affecting organizations, people, politics and policies and technology results in diversification in ways of life over time as result of what we call a revolution. For example when we look at Military Revolution and Revolution of Military Affair (RMA), they are largely complementary to each other. Although, Military Revolution mainly addresses political and social issues, while RMA, focuses on technology for conventional combined-arms warfare and strategic givens and not social and political issues. Hence, this paper main focus is to expose and define the characteristics that differentiate these two revolutions. First it is important to know that the concept of military revolution was introduced in the 1950’s during the inauguration speech "The Military Revolution, 1560-1660," over fifty years ago by the famous military historian, Michael Robert. He suggested that the art of war in early modern Europe was radically transformed over the space of a century. He also noted that a tactical revolution based on the use of linear formations of drilled musketeers led to a massive increase in the size of armies, which in turn had dramatically heightened the impact of war on society it self. Thus Military Revolution can be summarized as a radical change in military strategy and tactics with resulting major changes in government (Military Revolution). On the other hand RMA,...
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