Military Recruiters in High Schools

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Military Recruiters in High Schools


The United States Armed Forces was first manned by young men that were drafted into the service. Today’s military is manned by a pool of men and women who have volunteered for the service. Recruiters main prospecting arena is high school campuses. They are looking for young men and women who are capable of keeping the Armed Forces an “all volunteer” service. Recruiters’ have focused on informing students of the various opportunities the Armed Forces have to offer. They also help the faculty and the community out as well. Military recruiters presence should not be feared in high schools but welcomed and appreciated if we are to keep the Armed Forces an “all volunteer” service.

Military Recruiters in High Schools

What must it take to keep an “all volunteer” military? It is common knowledge that in the history of the United States conflicts, the armed forces have involuntarily drafted their soldiers in support to defend this country. In today’s society, this is not the case. It is the primary responsibility of military recruiters to provide the strength of the military. The primary focus for military recruiting efforts is high school seniors. It is the military’s belief that these young adults will stay in the military and grow from being ignorant Privates to strong mature Sergeant Majors within 20 years of serving their country. As a military recruiter, it is extremely difficult to penetrate this market because of many factors. These obstacles range from the school itself to the parents of the students. In order to maintain an all volunteer force, it is essential that the military not only have free reign in the schools but also have the support of both the schools and parents.

When it comes to the military on school campuses recruiting potential young adults, parents feel that their children are being pressured and harassed. The target students range from ages 16 to 19 years old...
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