Military Industrial Complex

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  • Published : November 15, 2012
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President Eisenhower raises numerous questions to the state of America in his farewell address. The Military-Industrial Complex is a term he created to define monetary and foreign policy in the 1950’s and 60’s. It is a policy that invests most of its money to military. It is suggested that the United States puts too much influence in its military and that it is a very imperialistic ideal. President Eisenhower also states its effects on American economy, politics, and spirit under the Military-Industrial Complex. His farewell address was a warning, that if America does not control its military investments, it will develop the Military-Industrial Complex. The economical outcome of building a large military creates less funding for other American Institutions. The more money spent on manufacturing weapons, tanks, aircraft and other palpable material will be money not spent on education, healthcare, and social security. However, if America decided to keep funding institutions other than military and was unable to fund more military institutions, the Military-Industrial Complex will find the need to borrow money and/or weapons internationally which would raise the national debt. America would not be able to develop a more educated generation if it were to impose a Military-Industrial Complex. More consequences could involve lower standards of living for Americans or an imperialistic foreign policy. From a political standpoint, building a strong military could influence political relationships around the world. Other countries, as well as ours, currently view America as the supreme super-power of the world. As much common knowledge as this is, it is argued that within human nature is the need to conquer, and because America has a large military, it will be used to involve themselves in foreign affairs, much like the Vietnam War, where American idealists wanted to bring democratic justice to that country. It is a very...
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