Military Hero: Statement of Intent

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Statement of Intent

The title of my Final Major Project is “Military Hero”. I will focus on the area of fashion and will work towards producing a small capsule collection consisting of a jacket/coat and a dress that I hope to create and display on show. It will be based around the ever popular military style; which has always been a favourite of mine. In my pathway project my theme was “Architecture in Fashion” of where I looked at structure and form, I found this theme to be very broad and endless. I also produced a garment based on the theme of shirt-making for a design competition, as I am progressing to University of Ulster to study the BA Hons Degree in Textile Art, Design and Fashion I feel I have made the right area and theme to work with for this project. I will start by looking at period weapons, medals, and armour of which I will use to produce a range of observational studies at A1 size. As I am focusing on Military Fashion I will take my inspiration from fashion designers Frida Giannini, Christopher Bailey, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano as I find their work and style to have elements of what I’m aiming to achieve as a final outcome for my final major project. I will also refer back to the uniforms worn by the armed forces and paramilitaries of various nations. Fashion magazines and the internet as well as my college’s library are also resources I will use. On completion of my visual recording and references I intend to begin the design cycle of the final outcome. I will start by researching the style of garments I shall design through creating moodboard’s relating to colour, style and my military theme; I will then produce a capsule collection board of fashion designs which I will then develop further. Through completing class critiques I will refer to my peer comments and advice from specialism tutors to make a final decision. Once decided I will move on to creating a pattern that will then lead on to the making of a toile this will help me...
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