Military Funeral Protest

Military Funeral Protest Fight in High Court

WASHINGTON – Supreme Court justices on Wednesday pondered the vexing question of whether the father of a dead Marine should win his lawsuit against a fundamentalist church group that picketed his son's funeral. Westboro Church protest at military funerals because church members say God is angry at America for its general acceptance of homosexuality, and protesting at military funerals and many believe it an effective way to draw attention to their cause.

This case started four years ago in Maryland at a Marine's funeral, when members of Westboro Baptist Church protested disrupted the proceedings of the private burial services for the Marine. The Marine’s Dad, Albert Snyder later sued the Westboro Baptist Church for causing him health problems, due to emotional stress. Snyder won 11 million in the suit, but by the time it got to the Federal Court it was thrown out, because of the fact of the churches First Amendment Rights. This leads to several arguments such as: Is a First Amendment issue, or a matter of whether a private individual can sue for the infliction of emotional pain and invasion of privacy ‘, “Is it freedom of speech or pure harassment?”, and “In the First Amendment rights as to whether hateful speech is protected speech. Several people take Snyder’s side in the case, : A statement from the Committee for Freedom of the Gregg Leslie Press stated "Most speech will offend somebody and we just need to be able to protect that. We can't have rules that make speech illegal or subject to incredible penalties just because it offends people," Margie Phelps, another daughter and a lawyer who will argue the church’s side before the Supreme Court, called the case “the ultimate litmus test” for America’s belief in free speech. Church and before worship service at Westboro. Media organizations and First Amendment scholars say ruling against the church would undermine the core...
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