Military Family

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Quinten-Andrew Storm Boneta
Dr. Guerrero-Murphy
Eng. 101
18 October 2010
The American Military Family
Undoubtedly, our American troops are brave, strong, resilient men and woman who are appreciated and celebrated throughout the country for the dangers they put their lives in on a day to day basis while deployed to fight for us to keep the American way of life we live and love. However, while those men and woman fight for other’s ways of life, their own personal lives they had to leave home face a separate struggling battle of their own. That is, the families of those American soldiers who are left to struggle and cope with the whole made in their hearts by their loved ones deployment into harms way. So the military families that make this sacrifice of having their loved one or loved ones departed from them for a specific extended period of time hardly receive the same recognition and appreciation they deserve. These struggling grieving worried families are invisible to the American society.

The American military family faces numerous amounts of obstacles and challenges with being tied to the United States Military. One of the main challenges faced by the families of these soldiers is relocation. Soldiers, depending on their job within the military, receive orders to move to different bases all over the country and occasionally to other countries. These orders can be given sporadically, either within a day’s, week’s, or year’s notice. So when theses families are moved to new and different places it puts strain on everyone connected to the family, not just the immediate family themselves. Being moved to a new home isolates the family, for a time being, from everything they know. The family has no friends or other relatives in their new home, no one outside of their home to share a relationship with. Soldier’s wife or husband has no friends to talk with or confide or seek help with. The children of these soldiers have to deal with attending a new and...
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