Military Equipment

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Why it is Important to maintain Accountability of Government Property

Keeping accountability of your sensitive items is extremely important. Losing any piece of military equipment is a sever mistake that should never be made. Some things are a lot more important than others and need to be kept secure at all times. Losing a sensitive item can cause problems for a lot of people; the soldier who lost it, that soldiers team leader, squad leader, and the unit in as whole. It also puts the security of the post in danger and causes a threat.

The soldier that lost the sensitive item depending on the item will have possibly made himself mission incapable. Also he could be putting himself at risk of United Sates Code of Military Justice action and possibly being discharged from the United States Army with a less than honorable discharge or a dishonorable discharge. A dishonorable discharge from the United States Army would pretty much ruin any chance a soldier has of getting a well paid job after his time in service. If a soldier loses any type of sensitive item and the item is not found or reclaimed then the soldier will be responsible for the paying the United States Army back for the lost equipment which can cost a whole lot of money.

The soldier that lost the sensitive item’s team leader will be responsible for ensuring that the soldier knows what his mistake was and will ensure that his corrective training is assigned and completed in a timely manner. The team leader will also have to deal the fact that his soldier may now be mission incapable which will put the team leader’s team mission incapable. With a team out of operation in a squad it will put a strain on the rest of the teams and cause the platoon to be less than one hundred percent prepared for any situation that may arise.

A squad leader that is in charge of the soldier who lost the sensitive item will now have to deal with all the problems that may arise from the situation. If a soldier was...
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