Military: Employment and Professionalism

Topics: Employment, Ethics, Professional Pages: 5 (1911 words) Published: February 16, 2013

Professionalism and what does it mean to you? Professionalism is the essential trait in both society and business. Such quality drives a person appearance, personal and professional interaction in which provides individuals with what we call a first and foremost impression. Professionalism is a key factor and a very important role in how an individual is perceived by co-worker, employer and/or casual contacts. The way in which we present oneself has a major impact in just a matter of minutes and also forms opinion. In order for success to be present one must display supreme professionalism in all aspects of not just their life but also their work. In regards to military professionalism, an individual must have extreme levels of commitment, discipline as well as skill. Commitment, discipline and skill are all attributes of military professionalism. The negligence of any of these key factors we then lose all of what it means and takes to be a military professional. In order to do my job correctly, efficiently, and tactfully I must show complete professionalism in all areas of my life. By doing this I will no dubitably succeed in all areas. To be professional in my job, communication, experience alongside with ethic are the main key components. Through experice time is saved in a “what to do “situation. Communication is a quality that one must do effectively and at any given point in time. A code of ethics is also a main component to what being a professional is and showing professionalism in the workforce. We define ethic by “know the difference between right and wrong and also good from bad”. The way I have always seen professionalism defined is to lead by example and to always give my 110% percent in all that I do and say no matter whom is watching me. Whether a private is watching how I do something or handle a situation or a commander. Being a professional in the US ARMY is a standard in which we should all go by. Being a professional means that one has specialized knowledge skill and complete full understanding. To acquire this knowledge and skill takes experience and or education and heart. In order to train soldiers and grow them into great leaders every single day in the Army there must be a measure of military professionalism. Just as General of the Army Omar N Bradley stated “The American soldier is a proud one and he demands professionalism and competence in his leaders, and in battle he wants to know his job is being done right with no unnecessary causalities. The American soldier expects his sergeant to be able to teach him how to do his job, and he expects even more from his officers. “On a day to day basis I must ask myself, am I holding myself and those I am responsible for at the utmost highest of standards? To portray this type of professionalism the quality of my work and personal conduct must say who I am and all that I stand for. Pride. Without ethical behavior there is no professionalism in the workplace. Honor, dignity and respect are all factors that come into play as a professional. An individual must have confidence in themselves to show what it is to be a professional. Someone that is not confident in what they do or who they are tend to come across as not very knowledgeable in their skill or trade. Some other parts of showing professionalism is reliability. Can people rely on you? Be punctual as a professional, respect the time for yourself as well as for others. Professionalism is more than just being the part of a professional team its actually doing the part. Integrity is a must have when it pertains to professionalism. If you have integrity you will stand out amongst the crowd and make a difference. The most important quality associated with any person working in the business world is professionalism. The first in becoming a professional is to understand what Professionalism is and its characteristics. “Professionalism isn't just a set of...
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