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Mili is a canned food product line managed and distributed by Goh Joo Hin Pte Ltd. It offers consumers a wide variety of canned foods in 6 broad product categories namely fruits, vegetables, vegetarian, meat, seafood and sauces. Mili has a dynamic and broad brand portfolio and architecture that is responsive to the busy lifestyle and constantly changing cooking needs of today's consumers. It has an extensive range of 63 ingredient products and recipes which will continue to expand at a rate of 4 lines a year to meet consumers' needs and stay ahead of competitors. Mili is presently registered and protected in 17 markets that include Brunei, Cambodia, China, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korean, Malaysia, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Republic of China (Taiwan), Thailand and Vietnam Its distribution channels have increased exponentially, ranging from I.T. retail shops to departmental stores such as Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Carrefour and Courts. The company has strong competitors like Ayam Brand which most popular canned company in Malaysia.


Canned vegetarian

flavor| Five Spice Rolled Bean Curd Skin| Braised Mushrooms with Bamboo Shoots| Mock Duck| Braised Gluten | Jin Huang Shuang Bao| Packing| Size :24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| flavor| Buddha Jump Over the Wall| Sweet & Sour Pork| Mock Abalone| Mock Chicken| Luo Han Zhai| Packing| Size :24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| Size: 24 x 280g| flavor| Seasoning Mixed Mushroom|

Packing| Size :24 x 280g|


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