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Topics: Stanford prison experiment, Psychology, Milgram experiment Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Name: Andraie Lewis
Date: 11/27/2012
Subject: Psychology
Stanley Milgram’s study on Obedience In a recent issue of American psychologist, Diana Baumrind (1964) raised a number of questions concerning the obedience report. (Milgram). Many would argue that Stanley Milgram’s experiment was unethical, because they believe that the research caused the subjects psychological stress that was not resolved after the study, however, I beg to differ. In his own words Stanley Milgram said, “In my judgment, at no point were subjects exposed to danger and at no point did they run the risk of injurious effects resulting from participation. If it had been otherwise, the experiment would have been terminated at once.” Not to mention, he made a very important point about obedience. Stanley Milgram had an impartial medical examiner to do a follow-up study on the subjects a year after they had participated in his research to find out if his experiment led to any possible injurious effects. The examiner concluded that, “although extreme stress had been experienced by several subjects, none was found by this interviewer to show signs of having been harmed by his experience…” Stanley’s obedience study was indeed mind-boggling, but he made a valuable point that man should not allow an higher authority figure gaining so much control and forcing them to do something immoral and against their will. “This experiment has strengthened my belief that man should avoid harm to his fellow man even at the risk of violating authority.” (Milgrm). “To me, the experiment pointed up…the extent to which each individual should have or discover firm ground on which to base his decisions, no matter how trivial they appear to be. I think people should think more deeply about themselves and their relation to their world and to other people. If this experiment serves to jar people out of complacency, it will have served its end.”(Milgram). In no way did I saw Milgram’s...
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