Milgram Notes

Topics: Psychology, Experiment, Participation Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Part 1

Summarising and interpreting a table (20% 200 words)

Part 2

Short report for specific audience on a topic (80% 800 Words)

Part 3

Relection, not assessed, will lose 5 marks if not completed (50 words)

Total 1050 Words

Part 1

Chapter 2, Milgram. Interpret/Summarise table
Refer back to Sections 2.2 and 2.3 and online activity 12


Newspaper advert. Said that it was a memory and learning task. No mention of voltage etc. Only took people between age 20-50.

One participant was 'learner' one was 'teacher' Both participants asked to draw slips of paper to determine who had which role.

Teacher was to ask learner questions. If they answered wrong they were to administer a shock of 15 volts and go up an extra 15 volts for each wrong answer. If teacher wanted to stop they were asked to carry on (not forced).

Milgam asked the public and other professionals if they thought the teacher would administer shock and how far they would go. Most people said that the teacher would refuse or stop once the learner experienced pain

Whole thing was fake. Learner did not receive any shocks. The 'learner was a 47 year old man chosen to play the part as he appearend friendly and likeable.

Drawing slips was also fixed. Made sure the participant always had the role of 'teacher'

Sound of pain was a recording.


40 participants. All male. All had the same experience. 'Experimenter' always used same words to encourage. Sessions were filmed and observers through mirror took notes.

All obeyed up to 300 Volts. 26 participants carried on until the experimenter said to stop.

Most participants were clearly unhappy with taking part and probably would've stopped had the experimenter not encouraged them. At the end a lot of the participants took a sigh of relief. 3 of the participants had uncontrollable seizures.

Only 35% or participants did not go all the way. Average shock limit was 368 Volts....
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