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Topics: Economics, Murder, Affect Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Oppositions and responses
Oppositions - Gun Violence isn’t affecting anything. Gun Violence is helping by terminating bad people. Why does gun violence matter? Why is it such an issue if most people don’t care? If the people committing the crime don’t care, why should you? Gun violence can be helpful and people shouldn’t make it such a big deal. Responses - Gun Violence is affecting many things. It is affecting the economy, it is costing the economy, and it is affecting us as individuals. Gun violence is causing an increase in death rates. Gun violence is the reason why so many protection programs are being organized to alert people of what is going on, which costs much money. Gun violence affects us physically, mentally, and economically. Gun violence is terminating bad people but the federal government has to handle that. Ordinary People in these poor urban areas are taking it into their own hands and shooting each other. While bad people are being terminated the population is decreasing. Also its making these people look bad and its costing America where we live alot of money. Gun violence is such an issue because it is costing America, bringing down the population, giving certain races a bad name, it decreasing the population and it is hurting many citizens. For example 31,000 people were killed by a bullet last year, however in 2010 there were 8,306 murders involving a gun. Do you see the increase? Most people should care, but they will soon realize how bad it is affecting us when it’s not safe to walk outside. The people committing the crime do not care, but I do because it is affecting my community. Many citizens in my country have been affected by it and are still being affected by it. Also this could have a great impact on me and my generation. It can happen to anyone at any given moment so everyone should care because they can get hurt or even killed because of a gun, this is very important....
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