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The ACG Methodology: A New Approach to corporate governance

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Understanding and Implementing corporate governance
This ebook is a copy of the first instalment of our Corporate Governance eManual. Objectives of this corporate governance course are to: • • define Applied Corporate Governance and the holistic approach instruct existing and future board members in how to establish a system of good corporate governance: ◦ strategic management process ◦ agreeing goals ◦ strategic plans ◦ monitoring role ◦ reporting back to stakeholders equip you with the skills and tools to build an open, ethical organisation in touch with the needs of all its stakeholders

Introduction to Corporate Governance

The course, and the methodology described in it, is designed to give you education and training in commercial board best practice and requirements. Highly results-oriented, our methodology is based on a holistic approach to corporate governance which places the issue at the heart of good management and takes into account all the Company’s stakeholders. It draws on the training programme carried out with a large client and our book Real World Corporate Governance, originally published by FT Pitman and brought up to date in the Applied Corporate Governance website by subsequent experience. We have arranged the course as an “eManual”, a series of ebooks in convenient PDF format for universal accessibility. It is designed to provide practical help in implementing good corporate governance.

Learn the essentials of good governance with our 5 Golden Rules of Corporate Governance! Throughout the series, we define the fundamentals of good corporate governance and explain how to check how your organisation performs against these rules. Adhering to these rules will ensure a healthy, sustainable business or not-for-profit/non-governmental organisation † and make compliance with the various international governance codes naturally easier. For more information on our training and consultancy services please contact us at info@applied-corporate-governance.com*. *Please note: the first time you email us you will receive a mail delivery warning asking you to add your address to our whitelist; this avoids us receiving spam to this address which can be easily guessed by spammers. Applied Corporate Governance is a trading name of Tangley International Ltd. Registered in the UK.

† Note: while this eManual was originally designed for commercial organisations, the principles apply equally to not-for-profits and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). This is because of the holistic nature of the methodology and view that all organisations, commercial or otherwise, should be guided by the same principles. If you are a non-commercial organisation, contact us for special terms.

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Preface: The Role of the Board
What distinguishes direction from management is that there has to be a strategic awareness combined with lateral thinking and the power of delegation. The directors, and no-one else, have the ultimate responsibility for the Company to its stakeholders. Their role is to: • • • • • • • define the Company’s business and long-term objectives and identify strategic opportunities make sure the Company has access to the right quality of people, technology and organisation set the cultural and moral tone of the Company evaluate and monitor the chairman and the chief executive and if necessary replace them evaluate the internal controls to ensure the...
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