Mike Miller

Topics: Business school, Harvard Business School, Harvard University Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Alex Arzeno
March 3rd – 2011

Mike Miller – Harvard Business School Case

Introduction – Rather than outline this case going step by step to ultimately provide a synopsis with my overall opinion, I thought I would read the case all the way through and conclude with my thoughts and personal view.

Please note that I will take into consideration this was written in a different era when expressing my view points.

* I found it odd that Mike’s background was characterized as “unusual” for a Harvard MBA which was then supported by his father’s profession. That should have nothing to do with his pursue of an MBA. He graduated with an engineer degree from West Point Academy, a very prestigious academic school, and held supervised positions in both the military and at Pointer. He held high levels of responsibilities in his jobs and enjoyed the feeling of being in charge. What a great start to pursue an MBA!

* Mike took control of his interview process when looking for employment as his MBA was coming to an end. Rather then sign up for interviews, he engulfed himself with knowledge through hearing company recruiters speak. A lending institution named Frontier Finance Corp. took an interest into Mike. One point I enjoyed was how the President of the firm put emphasis on Mike’s appearance when mentioning what the company was looking for. I truly believe the way you carry and present yourself plays a huge role in the interview process and eventually your interaction with your colleagues. A brown belt with black shoes would have been noticed and mocked at in any of my past employment environments. It seemed to be a good fit for both Mike and Frontier from first glance…………Interviews went well and he seemed to fit in with the already employed members which is important as you will be there 5 days a week and what seems to be, Saturday’s as well. An offer was eventually made. I thoroughly enjoyed the act of corporate material being sent to Mike as well. It...
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