Mike Inel Animating Artist

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Artist on a theme: Mike Inel
Mike Inel is a new age artist from the Philippians. He does digital animation and anime drawings on his computer using a tablet and stylus. His art works are futuristic mixed with fantasy also fan arts of popular anime shows. Some of his works are serious and sad but most are humorous and some are even quite risqué. I chose two of his pieces of work that really stood out to me, one is called “ Hfsdgvbfdafea” which I’m pretty sure he pressed a whole bunch of keys on the computer for the title. The other is called “bleh”. All of his art works have very random and interesting names for them. The artwork “ Hfsdgvbfdafea” is a sketch drawing of a young girl with an angry expression and who seems to be a cyborg because her arm is robotic. In the background is a city and 2 people looking back at her. The emphasis is her and it almost seems as if she’s looking right at you. Mike put more detail and allot more focus and shading on the girl than the two people in the back who just seem to sketched quite quickly, the background is faint and hardly can be seen. Another art work that’s really interesting is “Bleh”. The drawing is a another young girl who looks as if she’s looking out of a window when the sun is setting. What makes it interesting is that its just a line drawing and used a gradation of different colours to seem like the sunset is hitting her face. Warm colours of orange, red, and pink only on her face then on the way down from her neck are cooler colours as if its the shade. Her eyes are closed as if she’s really soaking in the beautiful sunset. The background is dark which makes the colours pop out even more.
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