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A dislocation happens when power or heavy amount of weight is put on a ligament, resulting the ends of two connected bones to detach. Ligaments are flexible bands of fibrous tissue that attach numerous bones and cartilage. Ligaments also bore the bones in a joint together. Tensions on joint ligament can consequent to dislocation of the joint. The hip and shoulder joints, for example, are called "ball and socket" joints. Extreme force on the ligaments in these joints can affect the ball to slightly or wholly come out of the socket that it is in. Dislocations are uncommon in younger children because their growth plates which are the area of bone growth located in the ends of long bones are scrawnier than the muscles or tendons. Due to this, children are more disposed to fracture rather than dislocation. The diagram to the right shows all types of joints in the body. These are examples where it is common for the bone to fall out of its place and where it isn’t sitting in its ball and socket. This allows us to visualise exactly what can happen in these situations where the joint becomes dislocated. What are the symptoms of a dislocation?

These are the most corporate indicators of a dislocation. Nevertheless, different people experience symptoms inversely. Such as: * pain in the injured zone
* swelling in the injured space
* difficulty of using the injured area
* deformity of the dislocated area
* warmth, bruising, or redness in the injured region
Causes of dislocations include:
* Sports injuries. Dislocations can occur in contact sports, such as football and hockey, and in sports that may involve falls, such as downhill skiing, gymnastics and volleyball. Dancers may also come across a dislocation in their bones because of the heavy impact that they force on their bodies. On occasions when they have twisted their body in the wrong way or when movements involve them falling...
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