Miguel Soto-Escobar a Child of Suspected Language Issues

Topics: Psychology, Developmental psychology, Sociology Pages: 5 (1679 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Miguel Soto-Escobar a Child of Suspected Language Issues
Child Psychology –PSY 7220 Assignment of Unit 8
Dr. Jim Oyler
Due Date 3/03/2013

Miguel Soto-Escabar is an abstract case study based on an eight-year old child who needs help with his language and speech skills. Miguel’s family life has changed since he first entered school three years ago. In this study, the development theories will analyze thoughts in reference to Miguel’s speech process. Based on current research and articles, this report will conclude in an effective way to prove fact based conclusions. It is important to explain also how Miguel’s family issues have affected him with his speech and language. Miguel is a child whom is diagnosed as ELL, since he first entered school. Miguel’s continuous stressful family life has continued to affect his learning skills as well as his social skills. The information will first analyze the probable causes to Miguel’s socially delayed developmental skills. There are three main topics that influence his issues, beginning with his mental ability to effectively speak another language. The emotional trauma in his life is another factor that has a great influence on his behavior. The last factor is his environment: surroundings that could contribute to his ELL disability.

Miguel remains currently living with both parents and his grandmother has passed away. He now has a new baby brother in his home. So, not only does Miguel have to deal with social issues from his language issues at school, classmates and other surroundings, he now has to deal with household issues as well. Miguel is more sensitive to his having to attend therapy classes because he is now eight years old and aware of many things now. The main focus of this topic is to identify Miguel’s inability to be at the same developmental speech level as other peers in his age group. Mental ability must first be discussed to make sure that the proper measures are taken to bring him up to educational standards. In the article Future dimensions: Neuroscience applications to practice in child and adolescent psychology, it mentions that speech problems are not necessarily a result of mental disabilities but a result of experiences. ‘Neuroscience research is making rapid gains toward identifying associations between atypical brain development and mental health problems in children. The goal of such research is to identify risk and protective factors that affect treatment outcome, to personalize treatment to meet specific individual needs’. (South, M., Wolf, J. M., & Herlihy, L. E. (2012). Emotional Trauma could be a major factor that determines the way an individual relates to others. The use of psychological methods will help in considering a therapy that will help Miguel deal with his emotional issues, and focus on further academic development. Finally the environmental conditions should be taken as consideration to Miguel’s speech because they have a great influence on how he behaves. His home-life as well as his school-life are all included in his environmental network. The acknowledgement of determining and ruling out mental problems is essential in finding a solution to Miguel’s speech impediment. “The structure of children’s peer social networks serves as one contextual factor that deserves consideration in the literature on relational aggression. Because relational aggression involves harming others through the use of social channels, the organization of each child’s peer relationships likely plays an important role in shaping and constraining his or her use of relationally aggressive strategies. For example, an isolated child would have difficulties engaging in socially exclusive behaviors, simply because he/she does not have relationships with other individuals whom he/she could exclude. Yet, beyond this obvious example, more nuanced social structures are also likely to play a role in the...
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