Miguel de Cervantes Facts

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Miguel de Cervantes

Early Life

Taught by the Jesuits, early in life.
Solider that fought in the battle of Lepanto
Became a Solider in 1570.
1575 he was captured by Turkish ships and spent five years prisoner. 1584 married Catalina de Salazar
Had many jobs including tax collector and joined the Spanish armada. He not only wrote novels, but plays, poems, and short stories as well Son of a surgeon which was a lowly trade.
Often suffered from poverty

"La Gitanilla" ("The Gypsy Girl")
El Amante Liberal" ("The Generous Lover")
"Rinconete y Cortadillo" ("Rinconete & Cortadillo")
"La Española Inglesa" ("The English Spanish Lady")
"El Licenciado Vidriera" ("The Lawyer of Glass")
"La Fuerza de la Sangre" ("The Power of Blood")
"El Celoso Extremeño" ("The Jealous Man From Extremadura")
"La Ilustre Fregona" ("The Illustrious Kitchen-Maid")
"Novela de las Dos Doncellas" ("The Novel of the Two Damsels") "Novela de la Señora Cornelia" ("The Novel of Lady Cornelia") "Novela del Casamiento Engañoso" ("The Novel of the Deceitful Marriage") "El Coloquio de los Perros" ("The Dialogue of the Dogs") All these novels are part of the collection Novelas Ejemplares (1613) that focused on social, political and historical issues of Spain. Don Quixote was a work that chronicled the adventures of the La Mancha who believes he is a Knight and goes on daring adventures, but is really a fool. This pokes fun at the chivalric society of the time and weigh ones own morals against another.

Cervantes was considered one of the first writers to capture what would be categorized as “modern” European literature. Though his works were written in Spanish he has contributed to the English language greatly, coining such terms as “wild goose chase” and “the sky's the limit”. His works still resonate 400 years later with the ideas of social hypocrisy and the theme of idealism versus reality....
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