Migrations and Tool Making Early Man

Topics: Human, Human evolution, Human migration Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Migrations and tool making was an important part of early man . Tools such as the chopper helped in hunting and scraping meat from animals. Tools also helped in gathering food, writing, and making nets and baskets. Wooden tools helped create fire to keep a civilization warm and cook animals and sharpen tools. Migrations occurred because the people felt they would have a better future if they lived in a different civilization. This was usually because of the food and shelter which the civilization provided. When people migrated the culture, economy and the religion may have changed because of cultural diffusion. Tool making was an important factor of the prehistoric people. Humans made many tools such as the chopper, the Acheulean hand axe, and the hammer stone. The chopper was made by flaking the edge of a round stone. It was used for hunting, scraping meat from animals and it was the first of many tools that were invented during this time period. The Acheulean hand axe is from Spain and was made in the Douro valley, it is a tool used for chopping. “The hammerstone is a stone which is used for making other tools.”(google.com) It helps a tool called the core make flattish stone flakes. These materials helped prehistoric people survive. There are additional ways which tool making affected the prehistoric people. Tools also helped prehistoric people in gathering food, writing, and making nets and baskets. Since many civilizations lived near river valleys they made nets to catch multiple amounts of fish at a time. In addition, they created fire with their tools. Fire was a big advantage because the prehistoric people could cook their food so it would not be raw. Fire also helped them stay warm through cold nights and made tools sharper and more efficient. The invention of fire also scared away dangerous animals. Anthropologists believed that the first hominid to control fire was Homo erectus. Tools also helped in agriculture. For example, people were...
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