Migration: A Powerful Story of Contribution and Adaptation

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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"Migration is not just a chronicle of sorrow and regret. It is also a powerful story of contribution and adaptation".

Migration is "the movement of people from one place to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or semi-permanent residency." (National Geographic, 2005). Migration can be international or internal. The most popular form of migration is international. Push and pull factors occur which cause people to migrate and to decide on what location to migrate to. Migration also occurs for study, travel and employment. This statement by Mary Robinson proves that migration is not only a negative thing but a positive one too. The Great Famine which occured in Ireland in the 1800s was a starting point for migration in Ireland it caused 1.3 million to emigrate overseas (O Grada, 1989), with 70% migrating to the U.S.A creating many cultural links. Migrants bring with them new ideas, skills and innovations which allow the host regions to develop and enhance with such diversity (Embrace NI, 2013). This is the "powerful story of contribution and adaptation". According to Douglas Carroll - interviewee, "with a lot of Irish families living in New York already and with many of those with Irish ancestors, it wasn't as difficult as expected to settle in" with 80 million people worldwide claiming to Irish ancestry (Fitzgerald, 2013), shows that in many cases migration was not "just a chronicle of sorrow and regret". As well as the cultural aspect, the host region also developes in other ways, with the migrant becoming a tax payer of that country there are economic benefits seen with migration too. Economic growth of a country is often linked to the population growth in that country. (Dolado, 1994) As well as this thousands of migrants often contribute to the home country also by sending home remittances. On the sorrow and regret side many host countrys dont provide innitiative for natives as there is plenty of immigrants willing to work for lower pay. This...
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