Migration Within a Country's Borders Has a Greater Negative Impact at Their Origin Than at Their Destination. Discuss This Statement

Topics: Human migration, Population, Population density Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Essay plan
"Migration within a country's borders has a greater negative impact at their origin than at their destination. Discuss this statement" Introduction
- Definition of migration
- internal migration and define it
- introduce the "lee's" model that talks about the behavioural movement - types of migration e.g. urbanization, transmigration as it is also a migration across a country's border - reasons why people migrate, say about push/pull factors

Main body

- Case study e.g. China (urbanization), transmigration in Indonesia - Social, economical, environmental and political (S.E.E.P) impacts
--> negative impacts at origin
--> negative impacts at destination
- recognise that there is also positive impacts but negative impacts outweighs it

- Which has a greater impact? Origin or destination? Why do you think so? How to help improve

Migration is defined as the movement of people in a long term residential basis, usually defined as a minimum of a year. In this question it discusses a type of migration also known as internal migration. It is the migration of people from a place within a country, with the migration having taken place totally inside that country's international boundary. With the help of the Lee's migration model we come closer to understanding the behaviour of why people move from one place to another. The Lee migration model attempts to explain the factors of migration in terms of positive and negative characteristics which cause people to move. But often movement from a origin (rural area) to its destination (big city) is influenced by the existence of intervening obstacles which may cause the number of migrants migrating to decline. The types of migration which occurs within a country's border is urbanization and transmigration. Urbanization is the physical growth of urban areas due to the movement of people moving from rural areas to more urban areas. This happens in countries like China and Chicago....
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