Migration, Religion, & Women - Bolivia

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Migration, Religion, &Women|


Migration/Immigration Issues
Some important topics of Bolivia are the current situation with migration, immigration, and emigration. The differences between the three are immigration refers to the movement of a person to a new country. Emigration is the opposite of immigration, that is, it is the movement out of a country in order to live in another (Merriam-Webster, 2013). As for migration this is usually a seasonal movement of location, but can also be a permanent change of locations.

Bolivia has a population of 10 million regular citizens and approximately 1.6 million emigrants (IOM, 2011). A main problem that Bolivia has with its migrants is that there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor, which makes the poor highly vulnerable to human trafficking and labor exploitation. With this being a huge problem in Bolivia, especially with women and children, the Bolivian government is working on materials that will help combat the problems of human trafficking (IOM, 2011).

It would seem that in recent years there has been a shift of the number of immigrants moving from one country to another. A majority of Argentina’s stock of 1.5 million was born in a neighboring country, predominantly Bolivia and Paraguay (Mazza & Sohnen, 2010). With this being said the Bolivian government is trying to lure international migrants. There has been a lot of movement within the South American countries, and this continues to increase every year. It is estimated that 706,000 Bolivians reside outside the country, this 6.8 percent of Bolivia’s total population (IOM, 2011).

Migration is huge in the South American countries. Migration flows through the blood of Bolivians’ as they seem to migrate to a number of places across the world. Bolivians migrate all over the world but the most common places they go are Spain, Argentina, the US, and Brazil. Other well-known places that...
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