Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and Their Effects on Religion, Women, and Minorities in the Developing World

Topics: Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Asia Pages: 3 (1186 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Vietnam has a wide variety of religions practiced in their country. Nine point three percent of Vietnams population are Buddhist, six point seven percent are Catholic, One point five percent are Hoa Hao, one point one percent are Cao Dai. Less than one percent are Protestant and Muslim. Even though Vietnam has a lot of variety of religions over eighty percent claim no religion (East and Southeast Asia, 2012). Even thought there is a wide variety of religions in Vietnam, most of the people who live there have a sense of the richness and variety of traditional Vietnamese religion. In older tradition the majority of Vietnamese people believed they inhabited a world alive with gods and spirits. They didn't make a distinction of the living world and the spirit or dead world. They also didn't make a distinction between the world human beings, nature, vegetable, an animal. the believed that the energy of these worlds are all connected. Because of this religion plays a big part in the daily life of a Vietnamese person. In addition, your social status also affects how and what you believe. for example, Confucian scholars, who prided themselves for their rationality, often scoffed at what they considered the superstitious nature of peasant religion. But they, also had religious believes that they lived by. Where you work also determines what you believe. Fishermen, were notorious for the variety and richness of their beliefs. Some beliefs were shared by all Vietnamese. Others were adhered to only in one region or a small locality. Some were so deeply embedded in the culture as to be considered a part of tradition, holding sway over believers and non-believers alike. Maybe because of the many religions or the way the Vietnamese people think, religion doesn't play a big part in their country as a whole, but it does play a big part in the lives of the citizens of Vietnam.

Even though, half of the world's population lives in The Asia region people aren't migrating to...
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