Migration Control

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Migration control

Australia (MEDC)

Australia has a universal visa system, meaning that all visitors, temporary residents and permanent migrants to Australia must apply for a visa or a visa equivalent, with conditions appropriate to their stay. • The traveller's risk profile, reason for travel and individual characteristics are taken into account, and will determine what kind of visa application process is undertaken. •As part of the visa application process, all applicants are checked against the Central Movement Alert List (CMAL), a watch list contributed to by security and law enforcement agencies as well as other Commonwealth agencies. •In November 2011, the border security department deployed a sophisticated statistical Risk Scoring System (RSS). The RSS deploys statistical risk models built on departmental data holdings and can identify high risk visa applications as they are being processed. •Since March 2011, DIAC has also been testing risk scoring for inbound travellers. Data is collected at check-in at the overseas airport. Statistical risk models then evaluate every traveller for risk.

Zimbabwe (LEDC)

Visas can either be obtained before travelling or at the port of entry. There are three categories for applying to live in Zimbabwe: Category A: Visa not required
Category B: Visa issued on payment at Port of entry
Category C: Prior application to entry
Visas can be obtained from the nearest Immigration Office, Zimbabwe Foreign Missions throughout the world, British Representative Missions in their country of origin, Local Foreign Affairs Ministry and at port of entry for certain nationals. •Business visitors are restricted to a period of stay not exceeding 6 weeks. Where there is need to continue as a business visitor after expiry of the 6 weeks, a Temporary Employment Permit covering the desired period is applied for. •An investor who acquires Zimbabwe Investment Authority approval qualifies for a residence permit in...
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