Migration 1950s Australia-Greece

Topics: Australia, Immigration, Greek language Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: May 17, 2013
A New Life In Australia…
Harry’s Migrant Journey

The journey to an unknown country began for Harry on the 17th of August 1956 when he applied for a visa to Australia. His birth place Greece was still recovering from the War and his family struggled to live as there weren’t any secure jobs. His ambition in life was to have enough money to buy a house and take care of his future family. Fifty-seven years later, Harry will share his journey as a migrant which he came to Australia all on his own. A young boy only the age of seventeen wanted to live his home land to start a new life and meet his father who lived in Australia. His journey began from Piraeus one of the biggest ports in Athens on the 2nd of October, 1956. With only a few belongs and little cash , harry lined up in the queue to get on Cyrenia, the boat which would take him to his new home. To this day Harry remembers this ship as a ‘rust bucket’. He still does not understand who he made it alive to Australia on that boat. His passport was stamped, and for 24 days he sailed over many unknown seas. The one thing that Harry did not have in common with the other passages, was that he was not coming to Australia assisted, but he was sponsored by his father to come. On board the boat the interiors were worn and he ate minimum food. He could not wait to get off this boat. His destination was Sydney but he first had to go to a migrant process centre in Albury. Harry arrived at Melbourne port and his passport was stamped on the 26th of October. With his few belongings he hopped on a train that would take him to Bonegilla a small interstate town that was just off the Victorian border. Upon arrive to the immigrant process centre he had line up in queue. He remembers is it being very hot on the arrival to the centre, and he was wearing a winter coat. He was given a room and he did not brother settling in as he knew that he would be of to Sydney to meet his father. The next day he was already off,...
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