Migrating to Australia

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Migrating to Australia.

To migrate to Australia you must be able to speak English and you also need to have good aspirations and you should also have a positive impact on the community. You should also have some knowledge that other people dont already have. And also can do a job that not many other people can to in Australia. You would also need good qualifications. I would pick Lucy Roberts because she can speak good English she has lots of good qualifications and she can teach Science which not many other Australians can do. She also has a good experience in what she can do. I Australians can do. She also has a good experience in what she can do. A push factor of Lucy Roberts may be that she could become ill because of hot weather. A pull factor is that she can teach Science. A push factor of Nghi Luu is that he cannot speak a lot of English. A pull factor may be that he is of working age. A push factor of Dragan Golac is that he has little qualifications. A pull factor is he could learn quickly and contribute money to the economy. A push factor of Elvira Cubillas is that he hasn't contributed any money and is taking money away from them. A pull factor is he may have family who can work. Australians do not want people who do not have qualifications because they cannot work and they probably could not afford university. The sort of people they may want to migrate there is young people with money or qualifications. Or people who do a profession that not many others can do. My opinion on people migrating to another country is that it is okay as long as they can contribute to the economy there. I also think though that they should stick with there country and try to make there country as good as the one they are migrating to. I think migration is good if your country has no opportunities foe you and you have good qualifications. I think it is bad if you are old and and receive a pension because all you do is take money away and dont put...
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