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Topics: Value chain, OSI model, Strategic management Pages: 5 (1398 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Chapter 1
1. Briefly describe how outsourcing and strategic alliances have impacted IS organizations. Page Ref: 9 2. Describe the key differences between procedure-based information work and knowledge-based information work. Page Ref: 18

Procedure-based information work consists of high volume, low cost (per transaction), and well-understood activities. The focus is on efficiency of data handling. Knowledge-based information work consists of low volume, high cost (per transaction), and ill-structured activities. The focus is on results achieved by handling concepts rather than data

3. Why is it important for the IS organization to recognize the distinction between procedure-based activities and knowledge-based types of information work? Page Ref: 19

Most IS departments have focused their efforts toward support of procedure-based information work. Since these activities are well-structured and well understood, they have been a natural place to apply computerization. The wave of the future, however, is applying IT to knowledge-based work. This will require IS to define a support environment that provides a variety of mechanisms to empower workers to handle ill-defined knowledge-based activities.

4. Briefly describe how the Web has changed the term data. Page Ref: 14

5. Describe two major data issues facing CIOs today. Page Ref: 14 There are three major challenges facing CIO. First one is security(protecting data from those who should not see it) and privacy(safeguarding the personal data of employees and customers). Moreover, regulation, such as the 2002 Sarbanas-Oxley Act in the United States) now require company officers to verify their financial data. 6. Due to the growth and pervasiveness of IT, organizations are operating in a much different business environment. Describe three business issues that dramatically affect IT. Page Ref: 2 There are three important business issues that dramatically affect IT. They are Globalization, the world seems to be getting smaller or flatter. Events in a faraway land can impact others in another part of the globe. E-enablament, Doing business electronically has been fundamental since the 1950s,but now the internet has transformed the way people conduct business. Business Intelligence Through Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management. The third major theme is how to deal with all the world`s knowledge. One aspect of this is the transfer of knowledge between people(sharing), because the most important asset in enterprises is the people and knowledge they possess.

7. Discuss how the emergence of the Internet economy has affected the global market place. Page Ref: 7 The entire world has become a conglomeration of electronic marketplace. To succeed, large companies believe they need to be global, meaning huge and everywhere. Moreover, the Internet enables companies to work globally-with three main operating arenas, Asia/Pacific, The Americas, Europe and Middle East and Africa. The Internet also allows small firms to have a global reach.(ebay, amazon) 8. List four principle elements that represents the process of applying IT to accomplish useful work. 1. A set of technologies that represent the IT infrastructure installed and managed by the IS department. 2. A set of users who need to use IT to improve their job performance. 3. A delivery mechanism for developing, delivering, and installing applications 4. Executive leadership to manage the entire process of applying the technology to achieve organizational objectives and goals. Chapter 2

1. Briefly describe the five IT waves of innovation. Page Ref: 51 The Waves of Innovation model describes five stages an organization will experience in the business exploitation of IT (3 marks) : (1) Reducing costs; (2) Leveraging investments; (3) Enhancing products and services; (4) Enhancing executive decision making; (5) Reaching the consumer. (5 marks) The world...
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