Midterm Reflective Portfolio

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Midterm Reflective Portfolio
Dennis Brown
Writing Fundamentals Eng 090
Instructor Rotem May

A paragraph is a collection of related sentences dealing with a .single topic. A paragraph can be divided into three major parts a topic sentence, supporting details and a conclusion sentence. Paragraph writing consists of many elements, before, while and after writing. Creating a main idea and using supporting details are strategies for writing an effective paragraph. Usually I use paragraphs in school, and also for business situations.

Brainstorming a topic would be the easiest aspect of paragraph writing in my opinion. Creating a topic for discussion isn’t challenging compared to other aspects. The hardest aspect would be using the guidelines of paragraph writing. In the past four weeks I have learned numerous things about writing. I learned to begin with an idea. After developing an idea support those ideas with examples for further understanding, and learning the importance of introductions and conclusions. Writing paragraphs helps to able to write more effectively for school assignments.

Reflecting on my experiences with illustration paragraphs I chose an issue that related to me as choice of topic. Choosing the topic was my easiest step in the writing process. I enjoy researching information for personal purpose as well as to be visual with my ideas. Creating different ways to rephrase my examples was the biggest challenge it’s what I would need to work on most. Using different was to rephrase my examples would make my ideas flow more effectively. I learned as a writer that I have the ability to be creative in ideas. My goals of being visual in my thoughts on a college level were achieved.

In remembrance with the definition paragraph I used a topic I was interested in. Using a topic that aroused my interest was the most comfortable portion of the assignment. Carefully following the structure of a definition paragraph is what I would...
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