Midterm Reflection Letter

Topics: Writing, Typography, Punctuation Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: February 9, 2011
I was given an assignment to write a Narrative essay about why I decided to go to college. I followed this writing process to help me completed the essay. I asked myself some questions to generate some ideas for the paragraphs. Then, I selected the ideas to include in the essay and made an outline for each paragraph. Next, I focus on the thesis statement to make sure that the purpose of the essay was clear. Afterwards, I wrote a topic sentence and supportive sentences for each paragraph in the body of the essay; trying to avoid sentence errors like run-ons and comma splices. Lastly, I summarize my feeling and main points in the last paragraph. The most challenging part of writing this essay was making sure that I used the correct grammar and punctuation. I need to pay close attention to punctuation, especially when using a semi colon instead of using a comma. I was also told more than once to use more precise words. The easiest part of writing the essay was the topic. Since the topic was about me, I had so many ideas. It wasn’t hard for me to come up with paragraphs for the body of the essay. There are a couple of changes I would make when writing my next essay. I will avoid making my essay so wordy; instead of adding words I will delete them, so my essay will flow. I realize that a sentence should not contain any unnecessary words, and a paragraph should not contain any unnecessary sentences. I will express my ideas better by using the most appropriate words; I will have a thesaurus on hand. A good vocabulary is essential to having clarity, power, and precision, which is needed for a good essay. My goal on my next essay will be to correct the issues that I have indicated.
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