Midterm: Modernism and Exam Study Guide

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Midterm Exam Study Guide
HUMN 303
The midterm will cover all of the readings from the textbook and lectures in weeks 1-4 and the following TCOs in the course:  
1/A: Given a work of art (such as a painting, poem, sonata, or cathedral), analyze the work’s content, form, materials, meaning, and method of creation to enrich understanding of and appreciation for that work.

2/B: Given a work of art (such as a painting, poem, sonata, or cathedral) and a critical interpretation or statement of aesthetics, evaluate the artwork against the interpretation or statement, in order to show differing critical and aesthetic perspectives on the artwork.

3/C: Given two works of art of differing disciplines (such as a photograph and a sculpture or a painting and a poem), compare/contrast their contents, forms, and/or methods of creation, to clarify disciplinary differences.

4/D: Given multiple works of art, classify them using a variety of approaches (by discipline, genre, style, period, etc.), to demonstrate ability to contextualize the works and relate them to a variety of influences.

5/E: Given a work of art and a particular summary of the time period when the work was produced (such as the Mona Lisa and a history of the Italian Renaissance), formulate relationships between the work and its historical context to evaluate the role and purpose of one area of the humanities in that society.

6/F: Given a significant technological advance (such as the printing press or camera), assess the effects of the technical breakthrough on culture and art.
7/G: Given a specific social movement (such as suffrage, civil rights, or gay rights), analyze how the arts respond to and interpret the social phenomena.
8/H: Given documents describing a philosophical school of thought (such as theism, enlightenment humanism, existentialism, or French postmodernism), analyze the relationships between the philosophical school of thought and a concurrent trend in the arts.  ...
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