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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Name: Brittany Cassanova
Prof. Helvie
ENG 066 Foundations for College Reading & Writing
7 MAR 2012
Essay #3
Working hard always pays off at the end....One feature for the new high school that I will suggest to the design committee is Fun Room. A fun room will be for all students who reach the requirements, students who receive the award from their achievements will enjoy an hour of their school day of having extra time to finish homework or playing games and this will also benefit students to try harder to qualify and having great grades. Getting in the "Fun Room" is not as easy as you think, there are multiple requirements to qualify. Students who have a gpa of 3.0 or straight A's will be able to enjoy an hour of their day of fun. Students who have an 3.0 average or straight A's will have to keep up with their hard work to stay in the fun room. Knowing sometimes students may slack off or have trouble in some areas, the room provides students with tutors and counselor to help students stay in the fun room. The second requirement to stay in the fun room is attendance. Students must come to school on time and present in class. There are many reason why students should come to class and be on time. Not being present, students tend to miss information and work that teachers provide in class. Some teachers don’t allow make-ups unless you have and legitimately note of why you were not in class. Multiple missed class can hurt your grade because some teacher take points off when you are late or not there at all. The third requirement is students must keep a good behavior at all times. Many students have the ability to do really good work but hang around the students that would bring them down. In high school there were almost at least one student that was a class clown. Class clowns are usually the students that make other students laugh to get attention. Keeping a good behavior will only better a student to become successful in the real world. Having the...
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