Midterm 1301

Topics: United States Constitution, American Revolutionary War, Articles of Confederation Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Lauren Nicole
1301 At the Butt Crack of Dawn

Spanish Armada - English ships during the war between England and Spain at the end of the 16th century. With the defeat of Spain's navy, Britain became the strongest naval power in the world, which would continue for the rest of colonial times and assure its dominance on the seas, in America, Africa, and Asia.

Jamestown-Jamestown was the first stable english colony, it showed that England could have a colony so far away and it could sustain itself. Although it took forever for Jamestown to learn to farm. Jamestown was also the first to bring tobacco to england. A major cash crop for Jamestown.

Theocracy- In theocracy the clergy are politically in charge of the country and religious law trumps civil law. An example today is Iran. Human Rights are also second to the religion in charge. Therefore women are prevented from doing many activities that women outside the theocracy are able to do - even today.

House of Burgesses-One of the most prominent laws passed by the House of Burgesses was passed in the 1660's. Prior to this law, Africans were allowed only to be used as indentured servants. The law required that Africans and their off-spring were to be treated as lifelong slaves.

Roger Williams-Roger Williams was constantly at odds with the Puritans in Massachusetts. At one point, the Puritans of the Bay Colony were preparing to deport him back to England. Instead, he fled, and founded the settlement of Providence. His importance to history lays in the fact that the colony he set up was the only one with complete religious freedom.

First Great Awakening- It sparked a great revival in this country. Many were healed and miracles happened. It also made the way for modern Christianity to come into existence and I believe started the Evangelical movement.

Enlightenment- the Enlightenment's context was growing...
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