Midsummer Nights Dream

Topics: Love, Romance, A Midsummer Night's Dream Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Did the course of true love ever run smoothly? One particular couple from William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer nights dream” is Hermia and Lysander. Love takes many forms. It can be romantic, sexual (erotica), love o things, friends (philia), animals, passions/interests (agape), love of your country (patriotism), love of fun (hedonistic) and also self love (narcissist). The love that is shown is romantic. True love is a love that stands the test of time and one that has suffered many imperfections. A heart that has never been broken can never truly love has it has never suffered imperfection. Therefore in order to establish love as true it must undergo hardship.

The love between Hermia and Lysander is impractical, passionate and romantic. Early in the play Hermia and Lysander plan to run beyond the laws of Athens to the forest. “Steal forth thy fathers’ house, tomorrow night, and in the wood a league without the town…” (1, I, 166-167). This statement is said by Lysander. This shows the impractical element of Hermia and Lysander’s relationship. As Lysander puts no real thought into his plan. It has no real direction, it is very dangerous and he just looks past reality. A romantic element is shown when Hermia comments “My good Lysander, I swear to thee…, tomorrow truly will I meet with thee” (1, I, 171-181). It demonstrates through the way she says this passage in the text, her wording and the structure, show she has a romantic side, she is sure of her love. Another factor that demonstrates this romantic love is that they are both willing to leave their family and friends in Athens, just to be together. Passion is also demonstrated throughout these two examples. Hermia and Lysander plan and plot their future together, they show, how passionately in love they are by their determination, dedication, impracticality and romance. Through these examples their love is shown as true love, but as yet it has not really stood up to a range of obstacles.

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