Midsummer Night Dream Quotes Analysis

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  • Published : November 15, 2011
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Act 1 Quotes
|1.) |This quote has a metaphor in the first line. The effect of the | |“To you your father should be as a god; |metaphor is to show how powerful a father is. The father’s power is | |One that composed your beauties, yea, and one |shown lines 49-51, where it says a father is your maker, and he can | |To whom you are but as a form in wax |either make you or break you. If you are not obedient to your father,| |By him imprinted and within his power |he has the power to destroy you. | |To leave the figure or disfigure it.” | | |(I, i, 47-51) | | |2.) |This quote also has a metaphor. In line 131, Lysander compares | |LYSANDER |Hermia’s cheeks to roses, saying her cheeks are so pale. Hermia also | |How now, my love! why is your cheek so pale? |replies with a metaphor saying her roses, or cheeks, need rain which | |How chance the roses there do fade so fast? |she could give with the tears in her eyes. This quote shows the love | |HERMIA |between the two lovers because Lysander notices very quickly how pale | |Belike for want of rain, which I could well |Hermia has gotten and how upset Hermia is over the decision she has to| |Beteem them from the tempest of my eyes. |make....
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