Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (a) Case Study

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1. Describe the mistakes that the chamber has made since the implementation of the Unitrak software – since the Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (A) case study.

A. Prior to the implementation of Unitrak, Lassiter thought Unitrak had the software capabilities of help MSCC’s information system problems. Lassiter allowed the lack of “time” to be the guiding factor concerning the decision making of adapting the system. He, alone, was not qualified to make the best determination to adopt the Unitrak system. i. Wilson, Kovecki, and outside consultants should have reviewed and compared the software capabilities of the Unitrak system to MSCC’s needs. The involvement of key IT personnel should have been involved in the needs for the information system. There was not enough buy in and acceptance from MSCC personnel. Key employees were not part of the decision-making. Lassiter should have waited for a complete evaluation of the software before suggesting to management that it was the best software package.

B. Wilson only observed the demonstration for 45 minutes of the 3-hour presentation by Unitrak. He was not vested in the decision-making. Kovecki was not convinced that it was the correct tool for MSCC. He expressed his concerns because MSCC staff would have uncontrolled access to unnecessary data. Lassiter disregarded concerns and pursued approval from the board of directors. i. Input by end users and people with IT knowledge should have been seriously considered by Lassiter as end users would be the ones most frustrated with difficulties of the system.

C. MSCC only talked to one client of DMA and was not given a positive review of the DMA system and the company itself. Also, only one individual, Gramen, was left to choose who would recieve the business once the decision was handed down to change to the RS/6000 system. This lead to the selection of DMA as Gramen simply fed his friend, who worked for the IBM selected VAR, his opinion of the system instead of...
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