Midsouth Chamber of Commerce

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Jennifer Brown 9 September 2002

Midsouth Chamber of Commerce
Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC): Leon Lassiter: A non-profit, member supported organization that lobbies state government on behalf of local businesses.

Vice President of Marketing at MSCC. Lassiter became the champion for the move to the UNITRAK system. President of Midsouth Chamber of Commerce

Jack Wallingford: Ed Wilson: Ted Vassici:

Vice President, Public Affairs and Operations, MSCC. Wilson asked Wallingford to spin off public affairs. Lassiter took on this role. Initial Information Systems person for MSCC. He was hired as an outside consultant. Developed and recommended systems 1992-1996(?) Information system support specialist hired for MSCC. Kovecki supported all the systems, and was charged with the technical aspects of the migration to the UNITRAK system.

Simon Kovecki:

Jeff Hedges: Greg Ginder:

Vice President of Public Finance. Given the role of IS manager as well. President, UNITRAK

Midsouth Chamber of Commerce needed to update its computing systems to a more modern structure to meet the growing demands of employees and members. Prior to the time when MSCC hired Simon Kovecki the computer systems were designed, installed and supported by outside consultants – including Ted Vassici, who supported the systems for a significant period in the early 90’s. Upper management had decided in the mid-90s to begin to consolidate their computer systems to an AS/400 based system called UNITRAK. Kovecki was tasked with implementing this new system, but ended up with a heavily botched migration that left MSCC with lost data on the old systems, and an inoperable UNITRAK system.

Midsouth Chamber of Commerce. UNITRAK

The main crisis occurred in September 1999.

MSCC did not have heavy experience in Information Systems, the Company had passed the role of Chief Information Officer to and from whichever upper manager wanted it at the...
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