Midieval Weapon Research Paper

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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These days we have many weapons. They range from knives to guns and even to nuclear bombs. Do you ever wonder what they used long ago before things like this were invented? I do and that is why I am researching medieval weaponry. In medieval times, weapons weren’t used just used for war. They were also used for things like games and competitions. Some swords were strong enough to go through a knight’s armor and others were soft enough to have sword fights with.

Swords were the most commonly used weapon from the medieval time period. Swords were usually used by knights because they were very expensive and hard to maintain. There were many different types of medieval swords. They range any where from 30 to 72 inches. The smallest sword was the Broadsword. It had a 2-3 inch thick blade and was tapered to a point. They were anywhere from 30-45 inches. The Greatswords were two handed swords with an extended handle. Most of these swords were about 6-10 pounds. The scimitar was a sword that was often associated with Saracens that fought the crusaders. The blade was curved with an extremely sharp point. Knights in training used swords called Batons. Combats were settled by a set number of blows or until both opponents had enough.

The polearm was a close combat weapon used to knock knights off of their horses because they were made to extend the reach. It consisted of a sharp blade placed on the end of a long wooden shaft. The length ranged from 4-14 feet long. Some different types of pole weapons include: linstocks, glaives, and halberds. Soldiers who carried pole weapons were also armed with swords so they could fight off enemies that were not on horseback.

The mace is one of the first weapons from the medieval period. It could be easily constructed by someone without a lot of skill. The mace could be used on horse back and also as a close combat weapon. They were composed of a shaft and a spiky, usually round weapon on the end. The shaft was make of either...
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