Middle Range Theory

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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1.What are middle-range theories? Why are they considered to be useful in conducting nursing research? Give at least three examples of middle-range theories; discuss what these theories are all about and how these theories are useful in nursing practice and research.

Middle-range theory is a presence of related concepts that are fixed on a limited scope of the reality of nursing. These theories are made up of ideas and recommended connection among the ideas that can be related in a model. Middle range theories are progressed and advanced at the circle of practice and research to provide direction for casual practice and intellectual research that is placed in the discipline of nursing. The middle-range theory helps feature certain condition of the manifestation involvement and future approach for manifestation management in the field of caring in nursing. It also stresses the significance of considering the outcome of various manifestations or conditions happening together on the patient’s performance, and stimulates assessment of patient’s working outcomes. Three examples of Middle-range Theory

Chronic Sorrow by Eakes, Burke, & Hainsworth
This theory has been exhibited to bring out the experiences of people who come across continuous difference due to significant loss. With an understanding of Chronic Sorrow, it should be look at by nurses as a usual reaction to loss and provide empathetic support by providing healthy coping strategies and healthy adaptation. Comfort Theory by Katherine Kolcaba

This theory explains that nursing is a series of assessing the patient’s comfort needs, planning and putting into action the proper nursing interventions and evaluating patient’s comfort after nursing interventions. Assessing patient’s comfort needs maybe done through subjective and objective. Through assessment and holistic comfort, nurses will become more sensitive to the physical, psychospiritual, environmental, and sociocultural being of the patient....
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