Middle Managers and Senior Managers

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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* A bank's remuneration committee should have direct responsibility for the pay of all high-paid employees I believe remuneration committees should not only have direct responsibility for the pay of all high paid employees but they should look at pay across the corporation. I believe this change was introduced in order to sustain a long term value creation for shareholders. * Remuneration and Performance

It’ll make a change to the way in which corporations run themselves to some extent because pay is linked to performance; a significant proportion of remuneration to be linked to performance conditions designed to promote the long-term success of the company Care should be taken to recognize and avoid conflict.

* Relations with shareholders
Regular contact with shareholders was necessary to understand their opinions and concerns Separate resolutions on all substantial issues at general meetings Shareholders to monitor and engage with the companies in which they invest * An effective board to leadership

* Re-election of directors
* Chairman of remuneration committee to face re-election if annual report gets less than 75% approval I believe this change was introduced for the benefit of the corporations as it is really important for organizations to get more than 75% of the votes cast. I certainly agree that this will make a change to the way in which corporation run themselves, as it is the chairman’s main responsibility to lead the board to ensure it operates effectively and fully discharges its legal and regulatory responsibilities in order to have an effective running organization hence this change is really important. Board-level risk committees chaired by a non-executive

I believe this revision was introduced so that non-executive directors can provide creative contribution to the board of directors by giving objective criticism and advice.

There are many benefits of having a non-executive as it reduces board conflict, strengthens...
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