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Topics: World War I, Ottoman Empire, Middle East Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: January 22, 2008
As history has revealed, past wars have greatly affected the outcomes of many states. World War I had severely impacted much of Europe as well a number of regions in Asia. The Middle East and South Asia were just two of these areas. In the years throughout and following World War I, the Middle East and South Asia had undergone numerous similarities, however there were and overwhelming number of differences. Which in all distinguished the very foundations of these two territories.

In the Middle East many things occurred during and after the First World War that did not take place in South Asia. The Ottoman Empire in the Middle East weakened and fell as the war went on. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand also took place during this time period. Mobilization ceased and that contributed to the Ottoman collapse during WWI. This all affected the outcomes of this region as it is today.

The affect on South Asia was also very different from that in the Middle East. India gained their Independence from Britain after WWI and has greatly affected them even today. Indians were gradually omitted into civil service because of the First World War. Mohamet Gandhi also began preaching non-violence after World War I. This all has greatly affected this tract throughout its historical course.

There were also a few similarities between these two states. After World War I India and the Middle East both lost and regained the states Anatolia and Kashmir. Both areas also began to modernize after the war. Both regions also took their first steps toward industrialization after the war. This is and other effects make what these territories what they are today.

As you can see the differences between the affects Middle East and South Asia during and after WWI outnumber the similarities. In the Middle East The Ottoman Empire fell. In South Asia Independence form Britain was gained after the war. The things that were comparable in the effects were for one that both regions began to...
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