Middle Class and Barrios

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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The Barrio
What can be taken from this reading is that “The Barrio,” is a place. The word is used in Latin America countries “barajo,” which means neighborhood. The word is used for describing lower to middle class neighborhoods. With the term barrios the U.S. would describe as “ghettos,” and “towns.” The Spanish would say barrios. When thinking about the word barrio some things come to mind such as living conditions even when the word is mentioned and talked about. Especially in both the reading more so, goes into talk about low class Hispanic families. That either a living over in their country or how they make their living here in the U.S. Even in poor low class conditions they still come together such as a community. With poor and low class conditions of living problems such as gang violence, drugs, and no education. People’s lives and health factors are at a risk in these types of conditions. All they can do is try to make a living as best as they can in the barrios. It is also common too feel trapped and want to flee the conditions. With the way people are friendly everyone is family something they don’t want to leave. Even after realizing the conditions they live in. They still will call the barrios home a place they feel adapted to their way of living. Even though it can be different for others that are in middle class and upper class. That what Robert Ramirez wants to explain about is “The Barrio.” Where he gives details on his California life. He feels “The Barrio,” cab bring people together. “Economic needs creates independence and closeness.” Usually living “The Barrio,” even harder making money to provide. The oldest you are in a household the more of responsibility there is for you. Things can get really hard problems than arise such as having too many children, houses start to have fissures like cracks or openings. Can’t pay city taxes or incapable of living up to duties as a citizen. The Barrio has some parts that lucky enough have working or...
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