Middle Childhood Development

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Homework 3: Middle Childhood Development

Middle childhood is the period of life between the years of 6 to 12, were children are going to school, making friends outside their family mastering new physical and mental abilities and also becoming more and more independent. During these years the child also faces new challenges that it can be both stressful for the parents and child leading to having an effect on the child’s development. While looking back to my childhood pictures I was able to find two of them that have a special significance for me and my early development. One of them is my current two best friends and me, the other photograph shows my mother, father and I in the middle. Both pictures were taken in my 6th birthday party, a celebration that brings family and friends together and one of the most remembered memories for many at this stage of life. Friends play a very important role in the development of middle childhood, for me, it was crucial. I was a child who didn’t take rejection very well therefore having friends for me was a sign that people liked me, making me feel appreciated and accepted. My friends played a very strong role in the development of these growing years, peer interaction for example provided me with the opportunity to develop social competence, understanding of others, and construct interaction and sustain friendship. My friends, specially the two on the pictures, helped me to fulfill social needs, such as companionship and acceptance. In addition, another important factor during this time for me that making friends and having friends introduced to my development was being able to appreciate other’s feelings and intentions. My two best friends and I were always a team, the three of us always shared and participated together in school events and activities and until this day we have been able to communicate, protect, help and support each other and I personally think that is also something learned during this early life...
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