Middle Ages and the Renaissance

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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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Music Appreciation
September / 21 / 2010
The Middle ages and the Renaissance
Paragraph 1: The views and values of the middle ages and the Renaissance are very different. The term Medieval comes the Latin derivation, medium aevum (middle ages). This term comes from the idea that the middle ages were an interruption in the advance of classical learning. On a political and social side of things, medieval man had to obey his superiors, who were prelates, the cleric, the king, the lord, the city fathers, or the community leaders if he was a layman. Christian values were held very high. One of the values for the Renaissance was the development of humanism which was the focus on human achievements and potential rather than on religious themes. The term Renaissance man is the goal of all individuals, which is to be masters of all areas of study. The value of god was upheld in the renaissance but not as much as it was in the middle ages.

Paragraph 2 Range: The range in Alleluia, O virga mediatrix by Hildegard of Bingen is fairly narrow and doesn’t really do much jumping around. It mostly stays in the same area. The shape is sort of wavelike if even that. The Phrases and cadences are fairly similar in both songs. The climax for this song isn’t much of a climax at all. It is more of a way to tell the listener that the song is over. The range in the second song is very wide. It has very many different points in the song. There is not much of a shape that I can notice. The climax for this song is very close to the end and is very loud and sounds very nice with the entire song. It really ties it all together. The creative aspect of the song was much more active in the Renaissance period. In the Middle Ages, the songs were just text strung out for long times on the syllables. Paragraph 3 Rhythm: Both songs are part of a group called non-metric which means a beat is not there to keep any rhythm going. There are no meters, hence the name non-metric. Paragraph 4 Harmony: The...
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